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Elle copes with her brutal reality by creating a surrealistic alternative within her mind.
A psychological thriller where a bleak reality gets twisted with an artistically surreal world.

Story Synopsis

Elle is a southern belle who at first glance has it all, but isn’t satisfied. A life-changing diagnosis and a divorce, see her back home with her mom and dad. Life seems to be looking up for Elle when she meets Cass, a southern charmer who sweeps her off her feet and becomes pregnant soon after they start the relationship.


Cass is not whom he seems, a violent sociopath, he mimics emotions and brutally abuses Elle, emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually. Elle creates a world of necessity in her mind to escape the onslaught of violence that mirrors reality with artistically surreal psychologically disturbing undertones

Based On EL’s True Story

Twisted Crown is based upon Erica’s own best-selling memoir “Twisted Crown: A Tale of a Broken Kingdom” in which she chronicles her true story of abuse by the hand of a sociopathic narcissist. 

EL is a survivor of horrific abuse. She is an advocate of changing the narrative surrounding abuse, educating those that love and support survivors, and advocating for legislative changes regarding domestic violence. 

"When asked to describe how I survived the traumas I have endured, I will often say— I went somewhere else." It is a common phrase used by survivors to explain a detachment from reality. This film will give a visual canvas to that place, and bring awareness to the complexities of abusive relationships, and the mind of the person trapped in their situation.

This film will showcase strength and survival during extreme situations. The character names mirror the stereotypical ideal of happily ever after and the false narrative individuals will present in an effort to hide their truth from those they love the most. 

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